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The Goalkeeper position is a mix of challenges and as an Academy of excellence, we offer you a flexible program with innovative techniques and methodologies. Our mission is to work on the development of the physical, mental and emotional part of the player to improve and potentiate their abilities, at early, intermediate and senior ages.

This unique approach, along with our exceptional faculty, makes GOALSTOP one of the best options in Charlotte. Explore our available courses and acquire a different skill set than what normally is given at your local soccer clubs.


Our Coach

CARLOS CHAVEZ will be in charge of our training. Carlos is a former Colombian professional goalkeeper with 14 years of experience. He had the opportunity to play in various teams locally and abroad, in addition to having had the opportunity to play with the national team at the youth level.

He will be fully capable of offering all his knowledge acquired in all these years, in addition to completing his football stage, he began his educational training to continue being linked to the sport. He graduated as a Technician in Physical Education and High Performance in Colombia. Furthermore, he studied Goalkeeper Training with the Valencia Soccer Club of Spain.

Likewise, he has been linked to the training of goalkeepers in the United States for 4 years, belonging to large sports academies such as Charlotte Metro FC and FC Athletico, also privately training great amateur players in the area.

Without a doubt, the players will be in excellent hands and we are willing to provide the best for you.

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